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NODUS Cloud OS is an operating system for the cloud. Just like an operating system is an abstraction layer for a hardware platform, NODUS Cloud OS is an abstraction layer for a cloud platform. This highly flexible and intelligent cloud management technology enables seamless access to all compute resources, whether on-premise or in the cloud. 

Deploying cloud-hosted resources on any of the leading cloud providers becomes much easier than going directly through a cloud provider console because access is preconfigured and built into the GUI (and CLI) of NODUS Cloud OS. This simplified accessibility eliminates the complexities of running workloads and/or applications in the cloud. AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Azure, and Open Telekom Cloud are available through one single interface. Run jobs on any cloud provider or switch between them. 

How It Works

achieve the true hybrid-cloud experience

Automatically deploy and build clusters on any major cloud provider, automatically run workloads on those clusters in the cloud, and then destroy the clusters, assuring you only pay for what you use.

Using this enterprise grade solution, companies can achieve a true ‘hybrid cloud’ experience and expand their on-premise HPC resources by ‘bursting’ their workload backlog to the cloud, eliminating long wait times in job queues and providing a better end-user experience. Studies have shown a 65% reduction in workload time-to-complete using NODUS Cloud OS. It is also ideal for compute demanding use cases requiring specialized hardware such as GPUs and larger instance sizes than are available on-premise. Users can match application compute requirements with cloud compute hardware.


  • Supports Google Cloud, AWS, Oracle Cloud, Azure, and Open Telekom Cloud out of the box from a  common provider API
  • Supports public clouds of any size, as well as private cloud infrastructures
  • Comprehensive management across the following environments:

•   Virtualized

•   Private Cloud

•   Public Cloud

•   Containers

  • Move across clouds easily and switch between them with a click
  • Automated deployment and release of nodes
  • Run workloads anywhere–in your data center, and/or in the cloud, on bare metal, VMs,
    containers, etc.
  • Enhanced file management and job output
  • Credentials management; admins can set up user accounts to control costs and security
  • Works with any job scheduler or without a workload scheduler
  • New cloud bursting configurations that bring the fastest time to results at the lowest possible cost
  • Heterogeneous clusters
  • Run jobs spontaneously; run any workload or application on-demand in the cloud
  • Spin up an unlimited number of nodes in the same time as it would take to spin up one
  • Accelerate time-to-results
  • Prevent cloud vendor lock-in
  • Intelligently manage cloud resources so that they can be used cost-effectively and efficiently
  • Scalability or the immediate availability of resources; instantly launch or scale-up infrastructure
  • Drastically improve the performance of certain workloads without having to justify the purchase
          of fixed resources for those special needs
  • Ease of use for admins
  • Seamlessly spin up and spin down on-premise and cloud resources for a hyper-efficient and agile          infrastructure strategy
  • Completely automated shut down cloud nodes when not in use, controlling cloud costs
  • Run hundreds of simulations with on-demand agility and flexibility
  • Move your expenditures from CapEx to OpEx
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NODUS Cloud OS Datasheet