NCSA: Blue Waters Chooses Moab HPC Suite

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NCSA: Blue Waters

NCSA Blue Waters


The Blue Waters supercomputer provides sustained performance of 1 petaflop on a range of real-world science and engineering applications. It is one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. Scientists and engineers across the country use the power of Blue Waters to tackle a wide range of challenging problems, from predicting the behavior of complex biological systems to simulating the evolution of the cosmos. Blue Waters is composed of more than 25,000 Cray nodes, NVIDIA® Tesla® Kepler™ GPUs, 26 petabytes of online storage and 380 petabytes of tape storage.


Chose Moab HPC Suite to provide:

  • Workload-optimized allocation, including topology-based scheduling
  • Intelligent, optimized scheduling
  • SLA & priority policies
  • Optimized GPGPU scheduling and management

Moab manages the massive workload scale and diversity of Blue Waters to deliver high efficiency and responsiveness for science and engineering users to deliver:

  • High resource utilization (>95%)
  • Fast responsiveness to workload demand
  • Managed workload diversity with more consistent job uptime, performance, SLAs

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About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing manages some of the world’s largest computing installations. Our leadership in IT decision engine software has been recognized with over 45 patents and more than over a decade of user experience battle-tested performance, resulting in a solid Fortune 500 and Top500 supercomputing customer base.

Adaptive Computing’s mission is to bring higher levels of decision, control, and self-optimization to the challenges of deploying and managing large and complex IT environments, enabling them to accelerate business performance at a reduced cost.

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