In the News: Adaptive Computing Featured In CIO Review, Wall Street & Technology, and IT Briefcase

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Since our Big Workflow announcement, it’s been a busy Spring here at Adaptive Computing! Between attending industry events, and hosting our own user conference, MoabCon 2014, the media has taken notice of Adaptive. Take a look at the recent articles featuring Adaptive Computing employees and products:

Rob Clyde CIO in ReviewCIO Review: Combining Computing Resources to Gain Competitive Advantage

Adaptive Computing CEO, Rob Clyde was featured in the “CEO Spotlight” section of the April issue of CIO Review. Rob discussed the latest industry trend with the “explosion of big data colliding with high-performance computing and cloud.” He goes on to say that “Enterprises that combine computing resources in order to have a better big data solution will gain a distinct competitive advantage that will facilitate their advancement in today’s data-driven business environment.” 

Wall Street & Technology: Big Data Challenge: Data Paring 

In this featured article written by David Beer, Senior Software Engineer at Adaptive Computing, David identified a big data challenge with data paring saying, “One of the keys to winning at Big Data will be ignoring the noise. As the amount of data increases exponentially, the amount of interesting data doesn’t.”

He compares your big data situation to someone who’s making a tool to predict stocks that need to be purchased or sold based on market events. A near infinite amount of combinations exist that relate back to market events—daily trading trends, changes in government regulations, purchasing trends, mergers, acquisitions, the weather, etc.—and finding correlations in a near-infinite amount of combinations gives you a problem requiring a near-infinite amount of computing power to stay ahead of.David goes on to say, “Data capturing will always be fundamentally faster and easier than data analysis,” and he recommends not wasting time on irrelevant data.

IT Briefcase: Workflows, People, and Processes

In this featured article written by Trev Harmon, Principal Solutions Specialist at Adaptive Computing, he identifies three entities in the workplace—workflows, people, and processes—and how they work together to achieve success. Trev advises, “If we remember processes and workflows are our servants (not our masters) and we appropriately build them to leverage human potential, we will see that computers will multiply human ability a million-fold.”

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