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Adaptive Computing has provided advanced applications and tools to the world’s largest High-Performance Computing installations for over a decade. The company’s mission is to enhance performance, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Adaptive has over 200 Fortune 500 and Top500 supercomputing customers in the world’s most demanding IT environments.

Moab NODUS Cloud OS
Moab NODUS Cloud OS Benefits Moab NODUS Cloud OS Bursting is a highly flexible and extendable solution that allows…
Torque Resource Manager
Torque Resource Manager Adaptive Computing is pleased to offer TORQUE Support including the latest version of TORQUE for purchase.…
Nitro High Throughput Nitro High Throughput Accelerating Launch Times As use of clusters/compute grids becomes more diversified, the industry is witnessing…
NODUS SaaS NODUS Software as a Service – Responding to Opportunities Organizations make large investments in their HPC infrastructure…
NODUS Data Grid
NODUS Data Grid NODUS Data Grid seamlessly moves data to and from any location including private, public, and hybrid…
NODUS Cloud OS for Intelligent Cloud Management Overview With NODUS Cloud OS™ running on a laptop or server, even…


Adaptive Computing offers the following value-added features that can be purchased to extend the foundations provided by Moab HPC. These capabilities facilitate such things as portal-based job submission, accounting, workflow management, grid management, elastic computing, power management, high throughput submission, and remote visualization. Add these powerful modules according to specific needs.

Manage resource expansion and contraction of bursty workloads utilizing additional resources from private clouds or other data centers.
Simplify the workload submission process for end-users with an easy-to-use job submission portal, which includes features like application templates, script builders, job details, and web-based file management.
Slogan description Flexibly track and charge for resource or service usage. Perform deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and refunds while providing balance and usage feedback to users, managers, and system administrators.
Enable unified scheduling, intelligent policy management, integrated resource management, data staging, and consolidated monitoring and management across multiple clusters.
Automate individual, per-application CPU clock frequencies and lower the power state of idle nodes using the Green Pool Buffer Policy, minimizing energy costs while preserving performance.
Avoid purchasing high-end desktops for all workers, instead sharing expensive licenses or GPUs by rendering applications remotely and visualizing locally through an integrated portal.
Our Reporting and Analytics tool enables organizations to gain insights by streaming resource usage and workload data into custom reports and personalized dashboards.

Managing The World’s Top Systems

Ready to Manage Yours

Moab HPC Suite manages some of the largest, most scale-intensive and complex high-performance computing environments in the world.  This includes many of the Top500, leading commercial, and innovative research HPC systems. Adaptive Computing is the largest supplier of HPC workload management software. Adaptive’s Moab and TORQUE rank #1 and #2 as the most used scheduling/workload management software at HPC sites and Adaptive is the #1 vendor used across unique HPC sites. [1]