Reading List: HPC Cloud, XaaS, and Zombie Clouds

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Adaptive Computing specializes in intelligent cloud management with our product, Moab Cloud Suite. Moab Cloud Suite enables organizations to create agile, automated, and adaptive private clouds or hybrid clouds from their diverse IT infrastructure.

Not only do our specialists help to improve Adaptive Computing’s cloud software, but also they stay well versed in news and trends of the cloud industry. It’s through this constant research that our team sought to put pen to paper and share their knowledge with all of you.

In no particular order, check out Adaptive Computing’s top 10 most read cloud blog posts from 2013:

“The Cloud” Must Die (7 Private Cloud Buzzwords Defined)

Hate hearing the term “the cloud” define everything related to cloud computing? Check out our detailed definitions of today’s private cloud buzzwords.

Pardon Me, Ms. Cloud – Your Freudian Slip is Showing

Why did we settle on “cloud computing” to define this latest technological innovation? Read the snarky answers and more truthful reasons.

My First Software-Defined Supercompute Cluster

In the world of enterprise IT, the pattern of defining everything in software has huge momentum. Will software-defined supercomputing be the next big thing?

Cloud, meet HPC. HPC, meet Cloud. Cloud and HPC, meet Big Data.

The “separate” domains of supercomputing, cloud computing, and big data mining have vast amounts in common, but seem not to know it yet.

Customizable vs. Bespoke – Why HPC Cloud Struggles

Two customization terms: customizable and bespoke have more differences when compared with cloud and HPC. However, a middle ground exists in HPC Cloud.

Why IBM is Betting on the Future of Private Cloud

Some analysts are wary that IBM is betting on the future of private cloud, and believe private cloud is a technological dodo bird destined for extinction.

Simplicity: Cloud’s Hidden Value Proposition

Are you finding the cost savings and improved agility that you expected? Have you found the hidden value proposition in your cloud strategy?

User-Centric Cloud is the Future

For user-centric cloud, we need all aspects of an individual’s digital footprint to interoperate seamlessly, not just what’s managed by the IT team.

The Lesson Behind Proliferating XaaS

XaaS (X-as-a-service) cloud offerings help business look for ways to harness world-class technology without dramatically complicating their IT landscape.

Watch Out for Zombie Clouds

Save your private cloud environment from being a zombie cloud by integrating policy-based optimization to continuously monitor and eliminate inefficiency.

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