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It’s easy to move HPC workloads and data to the cloud with NODUS Cloud OS. Users can run their jobs, including test jobs or custom jobs, on any of the major cloud providers and switch between them. Watch this demonstration to learn more.

Viewpoint is a rich, easy-to-use portal for end-users and administrators, designed to increase productivity through its visual web-based interface, powerful job management features, and other workload functions. The portal provides greater self-sufficiency for end-users while reducing administrator overhead in High Performance Computing (HPC). 1. Simplify HPC Job Submission for End-Users Does your organization make large…

Remote visualization is a key contributor to an organization’s productivity. With remote visualization, users spend less time waiting for files to be moved between their workstation and the cluster as they simply render remotely and visualize it locally. Users also save time due to more effective collaboration through shared sessions. Organizations avoid having to purchase high-end…

Adaptive Computing’s Reporting and Analytics tool enables organizations to gain insights by streaming resource usage and workload data into custom reports and personalized dashboards. View this brief video for an overview and demonstration.

Nitro is a highly powerful, yet simple task launching solution which operates as an independent product but can also integrate seamlessly with any HPC scheduler. Instead of requiring individual job scheduling, Nitro enables high-speed throughput on short computing jobs by scheduling only once for a large set of jobs.

Moab Accounting Manager (MAM) is a fast, easy-to-use accounting management system that allows showback and chargeback for usage tracking and charging for resource or service usage in virtually any computing environment. View this brief video for an overview of Adaptive Computing’s Accounting solution.

Moab NODUS Cloud Bursting is a highly flexible and extendable solution that allows HPC Systems to “burst” the additional workload to an external cloud on demand. This brief video explains its many benefits, and provides a short demonstration of the solution operating in real time.