Adaptive Computing Enterprises Launches New Product for HPC Cloud Bursting

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Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting

NAPLES, FLORIDA, USA (January 31, 2018) – Adaptive Computing announces its new Cloud Solution, Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting, making HPC cloud strategies more accessible than ever before.

“Considering that public cloud bursting is usually extremely challenging, the Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting Solution is brilliant in its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing management infrastructure,” said Art Allen, President, Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.

Adaptive’s product Moab, already a world leader in dynamically optimizing large-scale HPC computing environments, has been enhanced to extend running HPC workloads into public clouds. Adaptive’s engineering team has done a fantastic job of making clouds work for HPC. The Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting Solution is powerful, flexible, easy to implement, and manage. From the automated deployment and release of nodes, to the ease of use for admins, Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting makes access to multiple public clouds easily attainable.

The Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting Solution provides Infrastructure and Operations leaders the ability to achieve substantial cost savings by reducing on-premise infrastructure refresh costs; by meeting SLAs, thereby avoiding financial penalties; and by increasing revenue by speeding up time to market for various use cases.
Adaptive Computing Enterprises was acquired in September 2016 by Arthur L. Allen, long-time software industry veteran with more than 40 years creating software companies and technology solutions. Adaptive Computing has been totally transformed into a new, innovative company.

“While we will continue to be price competitive, Adaptive Computing will lead with product innovation, product quality, and extraordinary customer support,” Allen said. “The company is striving to be the thought leader in the HPC and Data Center spaces. The first of such solutions is Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting.”

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing’s Workload and Resource Orchestration software platform, Moab, is a world leader in dynamically optimizing large-scale computing environments. Moab intelligently places and schedules workloads and adapts resources to optimize application performance, increase system utilization, and achieve organizational objectives. Moab’s unique intelligent and predictive capabilities evaluate the impact of future orchestration decisions across diverse workload domains (HPC, HTC, Big Data, Grid Computing, SOA, Data Centers, Cloud Brokerage, Workload Management, Enterprise Automation, Workflow Management, Server Consolidation, and Cloud Bursting); thereby optimizing cost reduction and speeding product delivery. Moab gives enterprises a competitive advantage, inspiring them to develop cancer-curing treatments, discover the origins of the universe, lower energy prices, manufacture better products, improve the economic landscape, and pursue game-changing endeavors.

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