Professional Services

Professional Services

Adaptive Computing understands that time is valuable to our customers, and in constant flux. Taking time to learn the best practices that can unleash the power of your HPC environment can be difficult. We seek to save you that time, avoid conflicting errors, and get you your desired results with less risk than common trial and error methods that occur with too many directing voices.

We do this by interviewing key stake holders to understand organizational objectives and specific needs of users, managers, and competing groups. We then apply the cleanest set of policies that achieve these objectives in a way compliant with the best practices of our most experienced customers. Then we customize this with any unique automation or extensions needed to match your specific needs.

The following are some of our services:

  • Installation and Configuration Services – standard or customized installs, upgrades, and cross-scheduler environments
  • Configuration and Policy Consulting – assessments, recommendation, and optional implementation (optimize resource efficiency, improve service delivery, and counter end-user gaming of the system.)
  • Enable Custom Automation – node health check, alerts and notifications, and other automated workflows
  • Advanced Solutions – high availability, two-factor authentication, data staging, grid, elastic computing, or multi-tenancy enablement 
  • Customization Services – dashboards, reports (usage, SLA, capacity planning), application templates, submission filters

We look forward to helping you find the optimal solutions for your HPC environment. Contact your account manager or call us at +1 (239) 330-6093 for more information.