Just Make it Work


Reliable and Easy to Manage

Fundamental to achieving success in any area is starting with just making it work and making it easy to do. From the user experience to the reliability of the product itself, it has to work well. That experience also needs to be backed up with commercial support for your administrator, and detailed reports to prove service delivery to management. The following are examples of elements that contribute to just making it work well:


Application Templates, and Self-help Oriented Job Details
  • Reduce Job Failures
    Application templates allow best-practices default answers to be applied to an application specific submission form. Self-help oriented job details views in the portal as well as job diagnostic commands allow users to resolve their own issues and continue being productive.


Detailed Diagnostics and Statistics
  • Improve Job Processing Reliability
    With detailed reports and diagnostics about jobs, troubleshoot why they are not running faster to improve the reliability of running workloads. These capabilities can be found both through command line queries and directly in the Viewpoint portal.


Docker-based Checkpointing
  • Improve Application Recovery Time with Docker-based Checkpointing
    Docker containers and their associated jobs can be checkpointed, thereby saving the container and file state for easier recovery.


Workflow Management
  • Improve System Uptime
    Automate node health check responses, reduce downtime with maintenance reservations triggers, and reduce overall errors with automating common tasks. Workflow management is an important capability which helps to automate both end-to-end workload and system processes. This eliminates manual intervention, thereby speeding processes and eliminating potential errors.


Expert Support
  • Knowledgeable and Commercially Backed Support achieves Higher Uptime and Performance Reliability
    Adaptive Computing’s knowledgeable support personnel recently achieved a 4.85 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating. Their rapid response and expertise help customers achieve high uptime and rapid resolution to the needs of their own departments and users.


Usage Accounting and Reporting
  • Report on Usage per User, Group, Project or Account to Build Confidence about Reliable Delivery of Resources
    Regular reporting of reliable resource availability and usage builds confidence in the reliability of a given service. Accounting Manager is a fast, easy-to-use accounting management system that allows showback and chargeback for usage tracking and charging for resource or service usage in virtually any computing environments.


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