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Ease-of-Use Job Submission and Management

Viewpoint is a rich, easy-to-use portal for end-users and administrators, designed to increase productivity through its visual web-based interface, powerful job management features, and other workload functions. The portal provides greater self-sufficiency for end-users while reducing administrator overhead in High Performance Computing (HPC).

  • Achieve higher overall productivity.
  • Speed the submission process and reduce errors by automating best practices.
  • Save administrators time spent managing user requests with self-help oriented features.
  • Expand an HPC user base to include even non-IT skilled personnel.
  • Gain admin insight into workload and resource utilization for better management and troubleshooting.

End-User Features

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User Submission PortalJob Submission Portal – Submit and manage basic jobs through a simple and easy-to-use point-and-click web portal, in addition to the command line interface.


Application Templates – Access or create and share templates which simplify the submission process for popular applications.


Script Builder – Facilitate correct use of syntax and reduce new-to-HPC user error through drag-and-drop parameters in a visual interface.


RV Job DetailsJob Details – Gain insight into job status and reasons for failure through explanatory messages, saving administrator time by helping users help themselves.


File ManagerLog FilesNavigate output files right from an internal browser that includes the ability to move, rename, delete, compress, uncompress, and preview files.


Integrated Reporting & Analytics – Gain insights by streaming resource usage and workload data into custom reports and personalized dashboards for improved resource utilization and efficiency, better capacity planning, and greater alignment of resources to mission objectives.


Select RV TemplateRV ExperienceIntegrated Remote Visualization – Create and launch 2D/3D remote visualization sessions through pre-defined application templates. Dependent on separate remote visualization purchase.


Nitro Running 97%Integrated High Throughput – Create and launch Nitro high throughput sessions through pre-defined application templates. Dependent on separate purchase of Nitro.

Administrator Features

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Dashboard – View the cluster’s allocated CPU and memory utilization over a 24-hour period as well as the quantity of jobs submitted to the system. A color-coded bar displays the current job state (running, removed, idle, completed, etc.)


Admin App Template ListApp Template SettingsApplication Templates – Implement standard application templates and make those available to all or specific users. This automates best practices by predefining default values, hiding unnecessary options, and adding custom fields, thereby simplifying the submission process and optimizing application run time.


Search and FilterSearching and Filtering – Identify workloads that are in specific states (e.g. running, suspended, eligible, blocked, deferred, hold, failed, idle), or that are from specific users and groups.


Workload ListWorkload Management – Manage the priority of individual workloads, as well as assist in diagnosing job issues and take basic actions on target workloads such as placing the job on hold, canceling, etc.


Node Monitoring – Monitor every node in the system and its accompanying node ID, status, class, feature, processors available/configured, jobs, CPU utilization, and memory utilization.


TimelineResource Job Timeline – View individual node usage in a digestible, Tetris-like graph. It enables admins to monitor workload and resource utilization more easily than ever before and to identify areas where system utilization can be improved.


PermissionsUser Role Management – Manage which users are assigned to a role and the specific pages and functions that role has access to.

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Viewpoint Data Sheet
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