User Productivity


Simplified User Experience, Automated Workflows

User productivity is key to achieve the end results an organization seeks to accomplish. The less time a user spends learning about a tool or dealing with unneeded complexity, the more time they are getting productive work done. The following are examples of capabilities which contribute to improved user productivity:


End User Portal
  • Spend Less Time Training and More Time being Productive
    The End User Job Submission Portal features an easy-to-use web interface that allows users to simply select options with point-and-click ease. This reduces specialized learning, allowing even non-IT knowledgeable users to be immediately productive.


Application Templates, Self-help Oriented Job Details and Diagnostics
  • Reduce Job Failures
    Application templates allow best practices default answers to be applied to an application specific submission form. Self-help oriented job details views in the portal as well as job diagnostic commands allow users to resolve their own issues and continue being productive.


Job Dependencies
  • Automate Job Workflows
    Applying job dependencies allows multi-step workflows to be automated; thereby, reducing repeated manual interaction.


Web-based File Manager and Data Staging
  • Simplify End User Data Management
    Allow users to be more productive by streamlining their job submission process instead of requiring the user to log into multiple non-integrated tools and then manually send commands to copy, move and otherwise manage the data files associated with their jobs.


  • Accelerate Application Performance with Memory and GPU-aware Job Placement
    Proper NUMA-aware placement of a job can improve run-time by as much as 250 percent due to better memory access and can improve GPU data transfer by as much as 300 percent.


High Throughput Workload Management
  • Accelerate Launch Time for Large Volumes of Small Jobs with Nitro – High Throughput Manager Scale Application and System Performance
    Nitro helps users submit thousands to millions of small tasks. Rather than submitting many small individual tasks, Nitro packages these many tasks into a group request and then launches the tasks up to hundreds of times faster than a traditional scheduler. It can services SOA workload requests.


Docker Container Support
  • Reduce Porting Work
    Help users reduce how often they have to port their applications to a new environment by using Docker to apply the existing application certified environment to nodes on a per-job or per-application basis.


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