Liquid PC

Liquid PC is a women-owned global distributor and a trusted advisor to a large variety of software and hardware companies. Headquartered on the seacoast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the corporate office is complete with a large warehouse to accommodate drop ship orders or inventory management.

Advanced HPC, Inc.

A provider of high-performance computing platforms and linux clusters as well as data storage and backup solutions. Our line of products includes linux cluster solutions as well as high-performance servers and workstations, disk storage products such as Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Direct Attached Storage (DAS), tape backup solutions from external tape drive to enterprise-class libraries, disk-to-disk-to-tape solutions and data deduplication solutions, backup software and virtualization solutions.
Our team has over 50 years of experience in the technology industry. Our staff includes industry veterans in sales, customer service and production to ensure that you are getting the best solution to fit your needs. To learn more, visit

Applied Data Systems

Applied Data Systems is a leading High Performance Computing system integrator serving Government National Labs, Higher Educational Research facilities, Life Science / Genomics, Media & Entertainment and Oil & Gas. We partner with the leading companies to help our customers solve both their technical and financial objectives to drive success. For non-off-the-shelf types of solutions, we customize offerings to fit our customer’s requirements in our Customer Integration and Manufacturing Center (CIMC). Our team of experienced High-Performance Computing professionals can help save you time and money and accelerate your time to discovery. Our relationships with top Manufacturers allow us to provide quality solutions at competitive prices. Call us today and let Applied Data Systems become a valuable member of your team, delivering the solutions and providing the support you need to innovate. To learn more, visit


Aspen Systems

The premier manufacturer of High Performance Computing (HPC) products specializing in supercomputers, technical storage solutions and low latency, high-speed networks. We’re an award winning company with experience that you can trust. We provide our clients with custom engineered systems and HPC computing solutions designed specifically to meet their complex computing needs. For over 35 years we’ve engineered, tested, delivered, and supported the most capable, cost-effective systems in the industry for our clients. To learn more, visit

Atipa Technologies

Offers a single point of contact for delivering turnkey Linux-based solutions, including software, hardware, support and professional services. A privately-held company, Atipa has developed comprehensive Linux solutions for diverse enterprises, academic research labs and Department of Energy Research organizations. To learn more, visit


Over 40 years of working with customers to understand their computing challenges has given Cray a perspective unique to the industry — and it means our systems meet your needs. From highly configurable and fast cluster systems to integrated, scalable and powerful supercomputers, Cray HPC solutions address the most complex computing challenges. For more information, visit

Dasher Technologies

Dasher solves critical IT challenges and supports your IT journey with a consultative, vendor-agnostic approach. To do so, we forge strategic relationships with world-class technology manufacturers. As our clients’ businesses grow and evolve, we architect and implement IT solutions that minimize disruption and maximize ROI. For more information, visit


Evolving research and technical workloads push the limits of high performance computing (HPC). Dell’s scalable, flexible market-ready solutions — with the latest Intel® processors — readily handle compute and data-intensive workloads to drive breakthroughs faster. Dell supports industry, research, government and education with market-ready HPC solutions that enable more innovation and discovery. Dell’s scalable, flexible solutions readily handle compute and data-intensive research workloads, helping drive faster breakthroughs. For more information, visit

Global Computing

With 20 years of experience in the detection and satisfaction of specific needs in the IT area in the different academic, commercial, government and research fields offering specialized software tools adding value through the offer of training and technical advice, creating jobs for specialized professionals in our country and making said services accessible to our clients by being provided by local human resources. For more information, visit


With High Performance Computing (HPC) from HPE, you can overcome the barriers to supercomputing and compete in increasingly aggressive markets. When you are tasked with solving the world’s largest scientific, engineering and data analysis problems, you need the planet’s most powerful, most efficient machines. Our HPC solutions empower innovation at any scale, building on our purpose-built HPC systems and technologies solutions, applications and support services. The results? More power to differentiate your business, drive research and find answers like never before. For more information, visit


Improving risk analytics, shortening product development cycles, and simulating the behavior of materials at nanoscale have something in common—the need to model, forecast, and analyze complex relationships. All place enormous demands on your data and compute infrastructure. Meet these demands and realize faster time to value, improve critical decision making, fuel innovation, and accelerate results with powerful Lenovo high-performance computing (HPC) systems, storage, software, networking, and preintegrated solutions for compute-intensive and big data applications. To learn more, visit

PCPC Direct, Ltd.

A privately-held company proving every day that bigger is not always better. An enterprising company with an attention to detail not often found with our larger competitors. Our objective is to understand you better than our competition, and build long-term relationships with you and the manufacturers that best fit your requirements. We promise to provide a level of personal service that consistently exceeds your expectations. We are a dynamic company with large partners, like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and many others. Our sales and service personnel have been in the business since it started and our experience shows in our quality service and support provided to our partners. Our customers are both Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in the US and Europe and SMB’s located throughout Texas. Every PCPC customer has different needs and PCPC treats each partnership with the care and responsiveness they deserve. Whether a large multi-national corporation or a small/mid-sized business, our customers know that partnering with PCPC is a guarantee that they will receive the service and support to help them in their business model. For more information, visit

Penguin Computing

A global leader in high-performance computing (HPC), delivering complete, integrated HPC solutions, from the workstation to the cloud. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use and exceptional customer service, Penguin cost-effectively meets the needs of the world’s most demanding HPC users, including Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Navy. Today, Penguin delivers a range of solutions, from massive Linux clusters to “Penguin on Demand” (POD), a new service that provides a complete HPC solution in the cloud. Penguin has been an innovator in HPC solutions for over a decade. For more information, visit


Are you ready for a computing revolution! PSSC Labs offers truly turn-key HPC solutions for your specific needs and budget. Visit to find out more.


Founded as Technical and Scientific Application, Inc. in 1986, TSA primarily served the engineering and scientific community as an IT solution designer and purveyor. As a certified and trusted HP Elite Partner, TSA continues to leverage its experience and product knowledge to serve its customers by providing both standardized and customized IT solutions that span across all industries; cost-effectively solving the easiest to the most complex business issues. TSA recognizes the importance of highly skilled client support and offers a full range of services to quickly and expertly address business needs and desires. Our promise to our customers is to provide the highest quality products, solutions and services that improve business agility and reliability, and quickly delivers customer satisfaction. To learn more, visit

Victory Global Solutions

At Victory Global Solutions, Inc. we help clients overcome their most difficult challenges – from improving mission critical business processes, modernizing technology infrastructure, offering cloud computing solutions, risk management, and professional services, securing applications & networks to meeting new regulations. Helping the future arrive is what we do. We solve the great problems of our times. We design and deploy the innovative technologies that define eras. While no one knows what’s going to change the world next, we’re probably already working on it. To learn more, visit



Established in year 2000, eASPNet is the largest carrier-neutral internet data center in Taiwan. It’s also one of the key submarine cable hubs in Asia. As an early application service provider, they leverage their profound experience in data center operation and cutting-edge cloud technology to become a pioneer in cloud services. eASPNet serves a diversified and loyal base of more than 3,000 customers that ranging from internet companies to government entities and blue-chip enterprise and to small to mid-sized enterprise.


Robust HPC is an expert team that is passionate about delivering High-Performance Computing solutions, storage, and AI infrastructure to accelerate any AI workload and computational simulation such as CFD, FEA, whole genome sequencing, etc. Robust HPC deploys on-premise solutions with end-to-end system integration and managed services. Customers can also run HPC/AI workloads on Robust HPC’s cloud that is powered by 20,000+ CPU cores and 100+ NVIDIA V100/A100 GPUs.


HongKe has been deeply involved in the industrial and manufacturing fields for 20 years. With the all-around development of cloud technology and the gradual implementation of digital factories, HongKe has participated in more and more cloud-themed businesses. These businesses initially started from a unified collection of original data to the cloud, subsequently from edge computing to the cloud, and currently as comprehensive business optimization, insight research, cost optimization, etc. The HongKe Cloud Technology Business Unit has implemented and accumulated rich experience from solutions and application scenarios for users in the industry. The solutions include resource monitoring, security guarantee, multi-cloud interconnection, application, data traction, etc. The team is constantly adapting to the national strategies spanning from technological innovation, standard formulation, ecology enrichment, and security guarantee, to energy saving and emission reduction, and creating better products, helping industrial and manufacturing users to achieve digital transformation, realize data-based cost reduction, and increase efficiency.

Cluster Technologies

We are experts in advanced computing technologies and specialize in solving sophisticated computational problems to increase operating efficiency for enterprises. This allows our clients to focus on their business, while we attend to infrastructure and workflow challenges. Our team of world-class HPC experts have enabled companies, research institutions, and government departments to solve some of the world’s most challenging scientific, engineering and data analysis problems. Being the first HPC service provider in Asia Pacific, we have built several hundred clusters. To learn more, visit


Incorporated in 1975, CMC is a pioneer Information Technology solutions provider in India and is a subsidiary of Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Asia’s largest software Company. Operating out of 18 offices and 180 service locations in the country, CMC employs over 10,000 people and has a wholly owned subsidiary in USA called CMC Americas, Inc. CMC’s vision is to operate globally and bring the benefit of Information Technology
to improve the productivity of its customers and the quality of its customer’s products and services. CMC combines horizontal expertise in Information Technology with its vertical experience developed by working in a wide range of Industries. CMC Ltd. was amalgamated into Tata Consultancy Services on October 1, 2015. CMC is no longer a separate business entity. For information about CMC and their services please visit the TCS website at


Private Limited is a Singapore-based company operating primarily in the ASEAN region including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam. The company is a leading system integrator for HPCC. It partners with IBM in deploying cutting-edge technologies such as xCAT and GPFS. The company is a pioneer in deploying Infiniband-based clusters in the region. As a leader in providing solutions for computational science, NovaGlobal is partnering Accelrys as the sole distributor to actively address emerging opportunities in computational chemistry, biochemistry and nanoscience. The vision is to be a leading SBI (Scientific Business Intelligence) system solution provider deploying Accelrys’ Pipeline Pilot as the scientific informatics platform of choice. With the acquired expertise in building and managing HPC systems, the company is positioning itself to be an early adopter of Cloud Computing technology. NovaGlobal is partnering closely with Adaptive Computing Enterprises to address opportunities emerging in the region. For more information, visit

Tatung Systems Technologies, Inc.

Providing professional services and assistance for government and enterprises in digital transformation, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making analysis; Providing intelligent solutions, consultancy services, cloud services, information and communication system integration and construction, protection of data security and uninterrupted service. For more information, visit


Atea is the market leader in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector organizations in Europe’s Nordic and Baltic regions. With 7,400 employees and 4,000 consultants located in 87 offices across seven countries —Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — Atea combines a unique breadth of competence in IT infrastructure with a powerful local presence in each market we serve. Atea offers a full range of hardware and software from the world’s top technology companies. Our team of specialist consultants has technical certifications and system integration skills to design, implement and operate solutions for even the most complex IT requirements. As a result, we help customers solve problems and get maximum productivity from their IT investments. To learn more, visit


iVolve Technologies is a Cloud Consultancy firm, located in KSA, USA, UAE, Egypt, and Pakistan and has served its customer base with high-quality solutions for many years. iVolve Technologies has built its reputation by providing top-notch Consultancy and Cloud Computing Services. iVolve has also partnered with some of the pioneers of the cloud industry from around the world.


Novodan ApS is a consulting company which assists and guides customers in using technologies and methods in data science, HPC, and innovation management in their innovation processes resulting in better business outcomes. It is their mission to bring science and technologies closer to organizations, help them to solve real world problems and achieve the peace and joys of growth, sustainability, and prosperity. In doing so, Novodan is a sustainable open-minded, adaptable, and reliable partner assisting our partners, collaborators, and customers to achieve their goals.

Go Virtual

Go Virtual provides high performance computing systems and software solutions for CFD to support virtual product development within the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to help customers to shorten development time, decrease development cost and time to Market. With software partners like Metacomp Technologies (CFD++ & CAA++), P+Z Engineering (Theseus-FE),Intelligent Light (FieldView), Pointwise, Oktal SE, Adaptive Computing, Nice Software; and hardware partners like Hewlett-Packard (HPC & Workstations), Panasas (HPC parallel storage systems), Mellanox (InfiniBand), Qlogic (Infiniband), we can provide tools and services for your virtual development. To learn more, visit

Harrington HPC Microsystems

At Harrington HPC Microsystems, we have a clear focus and deal with HPC, Cloud, and Big Data solutions and technologies. Having complete range of solutions allows us to specialize and therefore we can provide the best solutions at the best prices and with the best support.



Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-performance computers and IT technology in Germany and Europe. The company’s focus is on customer-oriented, tailor-made and innovative system solutions and services, and it is engaged in research and development, production, consultation and distribution. MEGWARE’s primary aim is to give its customers competent and fair advice, to develop and implement innovative, workable and perfect solutions together with them, and to provide the right technology for such solutions. For MEGWARE and each of its employees, the main focus is on perfection and maximum efficiency in all business processes in order to offer customers special and strong services. To learn more, visit


OCF is the proven, trusted, UK high performance server & storage cluster integrator, cluster services & support team, and Compute on Demand provider. We use our knowledge, skills, services and partner ecosystem to successfully meet the significant data processing, data management and data storage challenges of UK firms from SMBs up to complex organizations. Whatever the solution our customers select, we continue to deliver ongoing project success through a consultative sales process and SLA driven post integration support and maintenance services using our own resources and exclusive partner ecosystem. For more information, visit


Even today, in a market in which the change in terms of solutions and available technologies is in rapid and continuous evolution, Prisma continues to offer its customers a linear, transparent and complete partnership, providing concrete answers to the requests of high competence and specialization.

The profile of the company has evolved from the original hardware and software retailer to a solutions and services provider, which operates in the integration of systems and in the design, implementation and IT solutions management. For more information, visit


Niagara Computers

Niagara Computers operates from Moscow, Russia, where it claims computing power records, a record number of users, massive data centers, and the most advanced and powerful computing solutions. With Supermicro’s superior hardware, Niagara aims to ensure fast and smooth logistics, and ongoing customer support. It currently delivers production systems to public competitive projects, the largest Russian internet and telecommunications companies, and a mix of Russian supercomputing data centers. Niagara will do all the work for customers in the most efficient and professional way, including functions both internal and external. For more information, visit



NetProject is a Russian system integrator with a strong focus on the oil & gas industry and advanced project management. NetProject helps customers to build an advanced high-performance and reliable infrastructure for geological and geophysical applications from Paradigm, Schlumberger, Landmark, CGG, RockFlow Dynamics, Roxar, KADME and other leading G&G vendors. Current product portfolio includes server components (Lenovo, HPE, DELL, Fujitsu, Sugon, Inspur), storage (NetApp, IBM, HPE, HDS, Panasas, DELL | EMC, Fujitsu), high-speed networking (Mellanox, Extreme, Cisco, Lenovo, Brocade, Riverbed, Citrix), backup (CommVault, Acronis, IBM, HPE, Fujitsu, Quantum), virtualization (Citrix, VMware), and resource scheduling and workload management (Adaptive Computing). Both customers and vendors note the accuracy of work and industry experience of NetProject which is the product of a combination of deep knowledge of products and technologies, and advanced design and project management skills. For more information, visit