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open-platform-pr-thumbnailAdaptive Computing, provider of award-winning workload and resource orchestration software, announces it has opened its commercial platform of products in two crucial ways in order to give customers easier access to its best-of-breed tools. First, Adaptive Computing has taken its Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition and modularized the capabilities into individually licensable offerings to provide openness of choice to customers, so they select only what they want, when they want it. Second, Adaptive Computing has begun extending these and other of its best-of-breed offerings to unify and simplify the experience of users, administrators and managers across a broad range of schedulers/resource managers such as Torque, Slurm, SGE, Moab, Maui, PBS Pro, and LSF.

Organizations commonly encounter increased heterogeneity of their underlying scheduler environment as hardware vendors bid differing solutions, peer departments set up different schedulers, and organizations pick up new systems through acquiring other entities. This additional heterogeneity causes organizations to lose user, administrator, and management productivity as they have to learn and manage multiple tools. Adaptive Computing’s new open platform of products solves this problem by enabling its best-of-breed offerings to be purchased individually and to be applied across third-party scheduler platforms, thus unifying and simplifying the experience for its personnel.

A key enabler of Adaptive Computing’s open platform is a new pass-through mode capability built within the 9.1 release of Moab Workload Manager, which allows Moab to act as a monitor and information service without scheduling underlying workload. For example, Viewpoint, Remote Visualization, Reporting & Analytics, and other tools that are integrated on top of Moab, will work in conjunction with Slurm. A Slurm-based cluster can continue to submit and manage with Slurm submission commands, and be scheduled by Slurm, but users get the much easier submission experience provided by Viewpoint.

Open Platform Products: The following offerings have added partial or full cross-scheduler support:

  • Viewpoint Portal – Easy-to-use job submission and management portal available immediately for Torque and Slurm, and for other schedulers upon request.
  • Remote Visualization – 2D/3D visualization solution which allows users to remotely view and interact with applications or entire desktops on a cluster via any common browser. This is available immediately for Torque and Slurm, and for other schedulers upon request.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Big data processing solution that correlates resource and workload information into customizable reports and dashboards. This is available immediately for Torque and Slurm, and for other schedulers upon request.
  • Nitro (High Throughput) – High throughput job launcher able to launch single node jobs up to 100X faster than a traditional scheduler. Nitro is currently available to run as an application on Torque, Slurm, SGE, PBS Pro, and LSF.
  • Moab Accounting Manager – Generalized accounting solution which provides tracking, charging and enforcement for Moab and Torque, or tracking and charging for other resource managers/schedulers with simple script changes.
  • Grid – Multi-cluster management solution which works immediately with Torque and Slurm (if Slurm is meta-scheduled by Moab) and can be extended to other resource managers upon request.

“Adaptive Computing is delivering openness of choice to our customers through license modularity and cross-scheduler support. License modularity allows our customers to get just what they want when they want it. Cross-scheduler support drives up long-term productivity by helping our customers maintain a unified experience for end users, administrators and managers,” says Arthur Allen, CEO of Adaptive Computing. “So even if the technologies differ underneath each cluster, Adaptive Computing’s end users can keep submitting through the Viewpoint portal, their serial jobs can be submitted 100x faster with Nitro, and managers can continue to use a unified accounting platform, as well as central reporting and analytics.”

The open platform approach commenced with the modularization of Adaptive Computing’s products earlier in 2016 and continued with the addition of cross-platform releases of Nitro and Moab Accounting Manager. The new pass-through mode in Moab Workload Manager which allows Viewpoint, Remote Visualization, and Reporting & Analytics to run on other scheduler environments will be provided at no additional cost, available December 2016. Organizations can now use best-of-breed tools on their choice of scheduler to sustain higher productivity.

About Adaptive Computing

Moab, Adaptive Computing’s workload and resource orchestration software platform, is a world leader in dynamically optimizing large-scale computing environments. Moab intelligently places workloads and adapts resources to optimize application performance, increase system utilization and achieve organizational objectives. Moab’s unique intelligent and predictive capabilities evaluate the impact of future orchestration decisions across diverse workload domains (HPC, HTC, Big Data, and Cloud VMs), thereby optimizing cost reduction, speeding product delivery and driving a competitive advantage.

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