Quiz: Do You Really Know Big Data?

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Trends are emerging where we see big data applications and HPC starting to merge, which is one reason Adaptive announced a partnership with Intel Hadoop to integrate Moab and TORQUE with their distribution of Hadoop.

Take the quiz, have fun, look it up if you must cheat, and feel free to post your answers in the comments below. Enjoy!

1. What open-source software was developed from Google’s MapReduce concept?

A. Puppet
2. Splunk
D. Hadoop
5. MongoDB

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Answer: D. Hadoop. For someone who knows big data or HPC, this should be a softball question. Now that you’re warmed up, try your hand at the rest of the quiz…

2. Leading analyst firm Gartner defines Big Data from three aspects, all starting with the letter V. Which of these are not a part of their consideration of big data?

A. Value
2. Volume
D. Velocity
5. Variety

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Answer: A. Value. While some consider value a key proposition to big data, Gartner does not consider it one of the core concepts that define big data.

3. Where did Hadoop get its name?

A. It’s an acronym
2. Toy elephant
D. An imaginary friend
5. A fictional character from literature

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Answer: 2. Toy elephant. One of the lead developers, Doug Cutting, had a son with a toy elephant named Hadoop.

4. According to a study by IBM, approximately how much data existed in the digital universe in 2012?

A. 270 petabytes
2. 2.7 exabytes
D. 2.7 zetabytes
5. 27 zetabytes

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Answer: D. 2.7 zetabytes. IBM also estimates that 5 exabytes of data are produced every 2 days.

5. Last summer, Splunk announced a new product to search, access and report on Hadoop data sets. What is this product called?

A. Splunk Storm
2. MongoDB
D. Splunk Cloud
5. Hunk

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Answer: 5. Hunk, also known as Splunk Analytics for Hadoop.

6. Also from IBM studies, what is the largest single source where data is gathered?

A. Emails
2. Business Transactions
D. Social Media
5. Log Data

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Answer: 2. Business Transactions. According to IBM, 90% of organizations gather data on this subject – more than any other. Social Media is the lowest on this list, coming in at 39%

7. According to a very recent Jaspersoft survey, what is the most popular big data store?

A. Relational Databases
2. Hadoop HDFS
D. Analytic Databases
5. MongoDB

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Answer: A. Relational databases ran away with it at 56%, but MongoDB led the rest of the pack with 23%

And there you have it, our Big Data Quiz Challenge Spectacular. Given the market nature of some of the questions, I’m sure you may have tripped up once or twice, but if you got 5-6 answers right, you know what you’re talking about when it comes to big data. Make sure to click the share button and pass this along to your friends and followers.

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