Adaptive Computing Announces Release of Moab HPC Suite 10.0.0

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The Moab 10.0.0 release includes scores of enhancements and fixes.

NAPLES, FL, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2023/ — Adaptive Computing announced the release of Moab 10.0.0, an update that includes scores of enhancements and fixes. TORQUE 7 is now also available. Moab 10.0.0 fully supports the following operating systems:

Red Hat 7

Red Hat 8



Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 22.04

Moab® HPC Suite is a solution for managing and automating the scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of HPC (High-Performance Computing) workloads on a large scale. It uses a smart system to optimize the start and run times of workloads, balancing competing priorities and meeting SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements. By doing this, it helps organizations accomplish more work in less time and with less complexity, reducing management costs.

One of the key features of Moab is its ability to manage and optimize resources on complex or heterogeneous HPC environments. It can aggregate local resources, include information from remote tools or custom fields, apply unique policies to groupings of nodes, and control workload placement on resources. This means that Moab can help organizations enhance scheduling decisions, boost application performance, and improve overall system utilization.

Moab also allows organizations to align resource usage with business objectives, which is important when multiple groups are utilizing the same cluster. This is achieved through group-sharing policies, which provide the controls needed to share a cluster efficiently between multiple groups while still maintaining high utilization.

In addition, Moab is fully integrated with Adaptive Computing’s HPC Cloud On-Demand Data Center (ODDC) solution for extending HPC workloads to the Cloud, creating a true Hybrid Cloud. This allows organizations to “burst” workload out to public clouds spinning up HPC cloud infrastructure resources quickly, inexpensively, and on demand. ODDC also automatically spins up or shuts down nodes depending on the total requirements for the job queue, ensuring that the organization always has access to the resources they need.

In summary, Moab HPC Suite simplifies the management and optimization of HPC workloads, helping organizations achieve higher ROI and SLAs while reducing management costs and complexity.

About Adaptive Computing
Adaptive Computing is a global software company headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA, and has provided advanced applications and tools to the High-Performance Computing industry for over two decades with hundreds of deployments on the world’s largest computing installations. Adaptive Computing products and services are used by organizations of all sizes across a broad range of industries such as High-Tech Manufacturing, Aerospace Engineering, Defense, Universities and Research Labs, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas Exploration, Financial Services, and Data Analytics. Some of the world’s largest clusters, grids, and data centers use Adaptive’s Moab HPC Suite and the HPC Cloud On-Demand Data Center to maximize performance and value, simplify management, and create a competitive advantage

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