Adaptive Computing Announces the GA Release of the On-Demand Data Center™ 6.0 Cloud Enablement Platform

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On-Demand Data Center 6.0

The On-Demand Data Center™ (ODDC) gives organizations the ability to rapidly deploy HPC cloud resources without the need for cloud expertise in-house.

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 — Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc., a trusted leader in High-Performance Computing and Enterprise Software, is pleased to announce the new version release of the On-Demand Data Center Intelligent Cloud Management Platform, which will make HPC in the Cloud accessible to small and medium sized businesses where High-Performance Computing would typically be out of reach. Companies can set up temporary or long-term cloud infrastructure resources on-demand instead of planning an expensive and time-consuming hardware purchase and installation. They can extend their on-premises systems and burst to public cloud providers for additional computing capacity when there are peaks in demand for a “true hybrid cloud”. Now anyone who needs it can get HPC in the Cloud and run powerful compute-intensive applications for AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, CAE, EDA, VFX Rendering, and Reservoir Simulations even if they do not have on-premises systems. This can mean faster time to market and results, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Adaptive Computing is well known in the High-Performance Computing space for its patented AI HPC workload and orchestration platform Moab HPC Suite which automates the scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of HPC workloads on massive scale. The ODDC is integrated with Moab, however, it can work with any other HPC scheduler or on its own without a scheduler using the ODDC job queue.

The On-Demand Data Center is the most powerful, yet simple cloud enablement technology currently available. The interface of the ODDC acts as a “single pane of glass” providing visibility into your entire cloud ecosystem enabling orchestration of infrastructure, applications, and data across multiple cloud clusters. It is a turn-key cloud platform that acts as an operating system for the Cloud and is designed for end users who do not have cloud or technical knowledge. It opens the door for those who do not want to struggle with several tools to get it right. And the ODDC automation features can be set to shut down cloud instances when they are not in use, controlling cloud usage costs. Savings can add up to over 50%.

“While Adaptive Computing works with all the major cloud service providers in both HPC and Enterprise, we are particularly excited about our close partnership with Oracle Cloud. It is a win-win situation for our customers and prospects who want HPC in the Cloud. Together we are offering superior capabilities at the most competitive price.” – Art Allen, CEO, Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing’s integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) lets joint customers set up and run jobs seamlessly on OCI with performance levels comparable to their on-premises systems. OCI offers bare metal HPC compute instances with high core frequencies and cluster networking resulting in significant performance improvements over other public clouds and on-site data centers. In addition, OCI provides the latest compute hardware, fast and dense local storage, and ultra-low latency RDMA cluster network while offering the elasticity and pay for what you use advantages of the cloud.

“We’re pleased to have Adaptive Computing join other HPC platform providers on OCI. Adaptive’s On-Demand Data Center enables Adaptive’s customers to access some of the highest performing hardware in the cloud, next-generation GPUs, and Arm processors. The On-Demand Data Center’s interface and automation provides customers with a seamless migration to Oracle’s HPC solutions on OCI.” – Taylor Newill, Senior Director, High Performance Computing, Oracle Cloud

The On-Demand Data Center comes out-of-the-box with a high-level of preconfigured automation, which can also be customized. This simplifies the entire process of deploying clusters and running workloads on cloud resources. Connections to all major cloud providers are already built-in to the graphical and command line interfaces, so there is no need to depend on IT staff or cloud experts to use the ODDC platform.

New features in the ODDC version 6.0 enhance functionality and include:

  • Accounting Reporting: Admins can track the cloud usage per user or each job.
  • A new version of TORQUE that is planned to be GA with the next Moab HPC Suite release scheduled within the next 6 months.
  • Enhanced security with defined Administrator and User roles. Only admins can deploy resources. Users are only allowed to run jobs.
  • Cluster collaboration: One admin with an infinite number of users.
  • Enhanced integration with ODDC Connect and Moab.
  • Fully RDMA integrated with InfiniBand.
  • New pause feature: Compute instances are stopped instead of terminated and can be restarted instead of being rebuilt and redeployed.

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