Adaptive Computing Announces its Partnership with ASA Computers

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ASA Computers

ASA Computers is a recognized leader in server products with solutions for Enterprise systems, Storage, HPC, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. ASA has been manufacturing server equipment in the Silicon Valley for over three decades. Triton is ASA’s initial offering of servers for immersion-cooling.

About the TRITON® Server

Triton is the first high-density server built specifically for immersion-cooling. It is not just a bare-bones design with fans removed. Starting with the meticulous engineering of its chassis, the fact it’s manufactured in the USA, and the high-end componentry – CPU, Memory, NVME SSD, GPUs; the Triton server is a custom designed, custom manufactured, ultra-dense computing machine in a single 1U node. Often associated with other high-density servers and the excessive heat they generate, the Triton server is specifically designed for single-phase immersion-cooling. The operating temperatures are regulated within a specific range allowing for components and the overall system to perform at optimal conditions.


Liquid Cooled TRITON® HPC Server for Immersion Technology – Supercomputer on Wheels

The Adaptive Computing Software Bundle included with the TRITON Server executes HPC workloads, AI, ML, and GPU optimized workloads on-premise and in the Cloud. Workloads can expand from on-premise server architecture into the Cloud.

Adaptive Computing Software Bundle Includes:

  • Moab: HPC Workload and Orchestration Platform.
  • Viewpoint: Job Submission Portal.
  • On-Demand Data Center: Intelligent Cloud Management System.
  • HPC Hardware Technology.
  • Cloud Bursting Enabled: Preconfigured accessibility to cloud service providers.
  • AI, Machine Learning, GPU optimized workloads, simulations, DNA sequencing, traditional HPC workloads.
  • High Density double wide (6) GPU server in 1U form factor.
  • Triton is designed specifically for Immersion Fluid Cooling Technology.
  • V-Tank (tank scalable): From four (4) Triton server Tank (24 GPU) to Forty two (42) Triton server tank (252 GPU).
  • Solves Data center space constraints.
  • Lower OPEX.
  • FAST deployment in weeks vs. months for brick and mortar Data Center build out. 
  • No raised floors.
  • No centralized AC required.

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